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Moving house is one of life’s most stressful events. Selling your property, finding somewhere new to live and dealing with solicitors has all been building up to this – your moving day. Do yourself a favour and follow these tips to make sure the process is a pleasurable experience, rather than a stressful sinkhole.



  • Regard moving as an opportunity to get rid of belongings you no longer need. Consider making piles in each room for things you could do without.
  • People have a tendency to keep outdated paperwork for a very long time, and paper is heavy. Spend some time clearing out any outdated documents before moving. Make sure to shred anything with your personal details on it.
  • Make sure to ask your removal company for a generous supply of tape, markers, and labels.
  • Defrost your refrigerator in time for moving day.

Packing and labelling

  • Label boxes on all sides clearly so that you can see what it contains when it’s stacked up without having to move everything. This also helps to know which boxes belong in which room.
  • Start the packing process as early as possible. Give yourself a few weeks to ensure you don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure on the morning of the move.
  • Mark any boxes containing fragile goods. Your removal company should be able to provide bubble wrap and ‘fragile’ marked boxes.
  • Pack a small bag with a change of clothes and toiletries to keep with you.
  • Do not pack away the kettle!

Moving out

  • Arrange parking ahead of time for the removal lorry if you are in an area that is hard to reach or park in.
  • Moving house is thirsty work. Keep the kettle boiling and the tea flowing.
  • If it is a rented property, take photos before leaving as proof that there are no damages.
  • Check the property to make sure nothing is left behind.
  • Ensure that all sets of keys (including spares!) are handed over.
  • Make sure to take meter readings before leaving.

Moving In

  • Upon arriving and looking around, make sure to tell the removal staff which rooms are which.
  • Unpack essentials and leave the rest for the next day. Moving home is exhausting.
  • Check the lorry to be sure that no items are left on it. Your removal company should instruct you to do this for your own peace of mind.